Good day to all our clients, business partners and agents,

We are pleased to advise all of you that we have now completed our transition to fully remote functionality and we are all available to assist you with the continuity of your supply chain. We thank all our business partners and our agents worldwide for their continued support and teamwork.

With our facilities at 709 St. Pierre now fully closed, we ask that you DO NOT send any type of printed documents what so ever to that address either by post or messenger as there will be no one to claim them.

For operational documents (CI, PL, Phytos, etc.) please insure you follow the instructions that you will receive from your CSA.
For accounting matters, all invoices are to be emailed to the CSA operating the file. All payments will only be accepted for both import / export shipments by electronic funds transfer.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay Safe / Stay Healthy