MARCH 15, 2020

Dear Business Partners,

Please take note that in an effort to insure the continuity of business whilst providing our staff with the utmost protection, CGP are currently reviewing various work options such as remote office and flexible hours. In order to put all the necessary systems in place rapidly, we have to ask certain staff members to remain home to assist in the setup process.  Hence for the next few days, we will have various staff either in the office or working from home. We would therefor ask that for the next few days you limit the use of non-essential phone calls to the office and use the email instead. By Wednesday we will be in a position to advise all of you the cell phone numbers of our various customer service agents and you will be able to communicate with them as required.

We wish to thank all of you for your cooperation and comprehension in these difficult times. Should you have any questions / concerns, please not hesitate to contact us as required.

Domenico Petrella                         Joseph Courdi                                Jean-Paul Gobeil